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The Full Moon pendant is a hollow form of sterling silver sheet metal on a 1.5 mm sterling silver chain. The form is hand cut, soldered and finished to a sanded-matte sheen with seams virtually undetectable.

This pendant is bold and wearable both day and night-- dressed up or dressed down. The matte finish makes the pendant forgiving to handling (that way you don't end up fighting fingerprints!), the length is elegant and the weight is light, yet sturdy. 

For care please see CARE + MATERIALS section at the foot of the website. 

*Please note: Do not submerge in water. To construct a hollow form by soldering it is best to leave a hole for air to flow through as the metal heats and cools during and after soldering (if you don't leave one intentionally it can either explode in some way or the seams will pop open, creating a hole on their own). This pendant has a tube running through it for the chain, the tube is drilled with holes to allow the metal to breathe in the construction process. 

***This item is in limited stock. Please allow up to 7-10 days to receive your order. If this item needs to be rushed please contact us.***