FRIPP Reconstruction

Hi y'all,

This will be the first of perhaps few or perhaps many FRIPP blog posts! I’m writing this as more of a letter to you all to be open and clear, and discuss the changes I am planning for FRIPP, how they have come about, and what they mean for you and your FRIPP jewelry acquisition experience. ;) This letter concerns more of the logistics but I look forward to discussing the theoretical aspects of being an increasingly conscious business owner and artist in this blog as time goes on. Next up, to coincide with 30 days of making (new) hoops, is going to be my reiteration of the history of hoop earrings. It's more loaded than most of us would think!

the juicy deets:

So! FRIPP is going to be making some big shifts. The short of it is that there will be a lot more new stuff more often, AND the whole line is no longer always going to be available, it will be “archived.”

Here are the bullet points:

  • There will be much more frequent release of new things in fewer quantities.

  • All new pieces will be in stock if they are for sale on the website, ship quickly, and be in very limited stock. Some new pieces will be remade again down the road, some may not be remade. This is an area I am still refining. 

  • Old and classic styles will all be “archived” or shelved for the time being. Some partnering retail shops will still carry some of these classic styles.

  • There will be an “Archive Sale” in the fall where you can purchase anything from The Archive as a pre-order, giving you access to just about any style that’s been previously made! These will take a little while to ship but the goal would be that they’d all ship by early December. There will be some stock of these classic styles made again for the holidays, but if you have your eye on a specific piece I recommend the archive sale because you can be sure to be able to order what you want.

  • In the future I may bring back a FRIPP basics/classic line that features the old favorites and brings them into regular availability again. For now I need to keep moving! and production feels (and is) stagnant.

Why is this happening?

These changes are in direct response to all of the shifts that covid-19 has brought upon my little biz. As I described in my IG video that announced these shifts, my income has just dramatically changed since we've been impacted by the pandemic, and it's necessary for my business to adapt in this time too. These changes move FRIPP and me toward more creating more often, which means more flow and more to share with you all. Despite the chaos of the time, I am really excited to be making these moves with my little tot! (FRIPP turned 3 last week).

Covid impact aside, these changes are in further alignment with the vision that's been percolating for FRIPP for at least the last year. I've often struggled with feeling behind when I've been filling orders in the past, many of which were "made to order." I am so excited about this new structure that will only offer the styles that are available at the time of purchase, so I won't feel rushed and you'll get your FRIPP pieces more quickly. More importantly, I am SO excited to call in all kinds of creative flow, offer you more unique and special handmade pieces, and take a break from production for a bit.

This is the gist of it! I hope it sounds exciting to you, and don’t be too sad about the old styles archiving for awhile. I think it will be exciting for all of us and I promise they will be available again soon, at least for a time, and probably once per year.

I hope you're fairing alright amid this wild time. I have had my share of resilient power-moments alongside moments of complete emotional crumbling. If nothing else, it hasn’t been boring. Whether things have changed dramatically for you or not so much at all, you’re not alone and I hope this time teaches you that you’re more incredible, brilliant and adaptable than you ever knew. It takes time to shift, but I hope you call it in if that’s what you’re needing in a time like this, instead of letting it smoosh you! No soul smooshing please!

As ALWAYS please reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback.

Thanks for supporting me in doing what I love. Thanks for engaging and for showing up, for being patient and supportive and excited. I love you a lot.


The header photo is an iPhone snap I took while on a day trip to Albarracín in Spain in January of this year. This town, my goodness, is just incredible. With its whimsical terra-pink timber-framed dwellings, stacked and tightly lining meandering, climbing and winding stone streets and steps, Albarracín is a tiny town built in the early 11th century along a steep hillside with a crystal clear river flowing below. There are remnants of a water powered grain mill and centuries of construction, currently humming (quietly, since we were there in January) with a few restaurants and bakeries. We walked, ate and drank and soaked in all the eye candy that is this ancient town. I feel incredibly lucky that we snuck in a long trip and returned just before things locked down.