Here's a little bit about me, currently the one-woman-show of all things FRIPP. 

I've always been destined to make stuff... I knew that a long time ago. It started with ceramics and photography, evolved into metal working, and finally landed on jewelry several years back when I was hired to design for and manage a jewelry brand in Eugene, OR.  My experience there was extraordinarily broad. There were a lot of challenges but ultimately it was one of the single most valuable learning experiences I've ever engaged with and I'm incredibly grateful for that opportunity. These experiences come together to form the winding road that has led me to FRIPP.

I aspire to create a company that is founded on integrity, community, humanness, and excellence in art, design and craft.

I am inspired by the human body and by a bold and minimalist style. I'm inspired by how an earring interacts with a neck line, how a ring looks when people communicate with animated hands, and I approach jewelry design from this perspective.

I never, ever, in one million years thought I would say-- even think-- the words: "I love business." But, I do, I love business. I love that it is completely open ended and undefined, and that it's up to the individual business to figure out what framework, social culture, brand image, etc., works for them. It's an art form in itself and as of now my newest medium.

Stay tuned :)