ORIGINAL THINKING  We believe in the power and value of creativity, and not just in reference to visual art but in reference to critical thinking and original thought. We believe that developing and encouraging creativity and critical thinking is essential to improving the world around us.

ART, DESIGN and CRAFT and their impacts on sustainability Being an artist, designer or craftsperson is not only an extraordinary and valid way to make a living but is critical to inspiring the appreciation of quality goods and the beauty that surrounds us. We know that when we appreciate the things we own we respect and care for them for longer, and we are more inclined to maintain their integrity rather than send them to the landfill and waste time, money and resources replacing them.

LIVABLE WAGES People should be paid well and respected highly for their unique perspectives. All parts of the puzzle come together to create the whole. It is important to us that we honor each part of our puzzle as integral as the next.

OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL People should have opportunity regardless of socioeconomic status. Our % For the Arts program will address providing opportunity to individual artists. This program will begin when FRIPP is on it's feet! 

POSITIVITY and LIFTING EACH OTHER UP In a world where competition can be rather fierce we believe in the potential sum being greater than its parts.